04 July 2008

The Fire_video by ShiftyTongue within the scope of Karaoke Poetry Bar, 2007

Karaoke Poetry Bar is a multimodal installation which combines poetry, performance and video. The project involves several visual artists and poets and is based on the idea of reversal, i.e. of changing the function of a “space”, transforming it into a generator of possibilities, a playground of ideas. Participant artists and visitors are thus involved in the contingence of utopia.Karaoke Poetry Bar is a real although temporary karaoke bar where pop songs on the stage monitor have been replaced by poems written by Greek poets who have emerged within the last 10 years. During recitation, the poems await to be challenged by the audacity and the intentions of the audience.

Within the same space, video works by contemporary Greek artists will be presented in a video installation. The video works are documentations of performances in public spaces around Athens, where the artists explore ways of rendering/reciting poetry by established Greek poets of the 20th century.

Concept, curating, and design of the installation: intothepill.net


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